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The Happy Apple

The holidays have officially come and gone, which means that now is the time when the New England winter feels like it’s never going to end. But have no fear! The temperatures might still be cold and we might still have a few more snow storms, but that just means it’s the perfect time to come warm up at the Beacon Hill Hotel and Bistro.  With a fireplace and the perfect concoction of winter cocktails, your winter doldrums are sure to fade away in here.

The Happy Apple is one of the signature winter cocktails at the Bistro, and it also happens to be created by me.  It is made with three ounces of Gosling’s Dark Rum, infused with apples and nutmeg, and served at room temperature with a garnish of shaved nutmeg and a rum-soaked apple for a nice winter warm up.

When tasked with creating a unique cocktail for the Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro, I drew my inspiration from the Dominican Republic, where I spent the spring of 2017. One of the first things I noticed when I was taking in the local culture was how into rum they were there, especially dark rum, and so I ended up enjoying a variety of rum-based cocktails.

Back in Boston, I wanted to figure out a way to make rum warm and wintry in a stepped-up winter cocktail. The nutmeg flavor came naturally to me, but I also wanted to figure out some sweeter flavors to pair with it, and after some experimenting, the apple flavor really pulled everything together nicely. Initially, I intended for it to be served on the rocks, but as I was going through different versions, myself and the other Bistro bartenders decided it tasted best at room temperature. The Happy Apple was officially born!

After all, how can an apple not be happy when it’s soaked in rum?

Stop by the Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro today to escape the winter cold and try the Happy Apple!


  • Quarter enough sweet apples to fill up a jar or other vessel and shave nutmeg to taste. We use one whole nutmeg per bottle of rum
  • Top off the jar with dark rum
  • Infuse for at least a few days

To serve, pour out three ounces of rum, grate nutmeg to taste, and add a segment of your rum-soaked apple.  Enjoy!

Ben Charbonneau

Ben Charbonneau